SSC MTS Questions paper 5th October 2017

The SSC MTS exam was postponed last year now Staff Selection commission conducted this exam from 15th Sep – 31 October 2017. This year SSC MTS exam pattern has also changed. To know about the questions which are asked in today’s exam along with today’s exam analysis. This will be giving you idea of exam pattern and level of the exam.

Read this article on SSC MTS Questions asked on 5th Oct 2017 & know the level of the exam.


SSC MTS Questions Asked on 5th of October 2017 – (shift all shifts)
1. Hottest Desert of the world ?
2. Author of das capital?
3. Which is not a classical language?
    a) Tamil b) Sanskrit c) Kannada d) Bhojpuri
4. Who discovered neutron?
5. Which is poor conductor of heat?
6. Heating of ___________hives you plaster of Paris?
7. Acronym for NIC?
8. The last greatest king in Mughals?
9. Which is odd one?
  a) 31-37 b) 41- 47 c) 17-19 d) 11-13
10. GDP is measured by?
11. The concave mirror image is
(A) Only real (b) only virtual (c) real and virtual (d) neither real nor virtual
12. No of elected people for Rajya shabha?
13. Refactor used in torch or car head lights made up of ?
14. Which article is for right to education ?
15. Ujala scheme acronym?


16. What is a strait? 

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