SSC CPO Questions Asked 3rd July 2017

SSC CPO Exam Pattern
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As you know SSC CPO Tier I exam is scheduled for 7 days from 1st July to 7th July, Here again, we bring extremely important questions which were asked in the SSC CPO exam all shift. This year SSC CPO exam having changes in their pattern as well from this year SSC CPO exam has gone online. so, it must require knowing the exam pattern here below we are shown analysis of SSC CPO exam. Also, we will discuss the questions asked in the exam of 03-July-2017.

SSC CPO Questions Asked 3rd July 2017 (Shift 1)
SSC CPO Questions Asked – General Knowledge
1.      Skin color is due to – Melanin Pigment
2.      Rolling Plan was rolled out by – Gunnar Myrdal
3.      How many types of emergencies – 3 types
4.      Citizenship based questions.
5.      What was Tendulkar Committee build for – Poverty estimation 
6.      Saltiest known water body in India/world –  Sambhar Salt Lake/ Don Juan Pond
7.      Agriculture based question.
8.      Vitamin C is commonly called – Ascorbic Acid 
9.      Human Day is celebrated on – 10th December
10. BIT is the short form of – Binary Digit
11. Books and Authors related question.
12. When was Election Commission of India formed – 25 January 1950
13. Venereal Diseases related question.
14. The Lion Tailed Macaque is a native of – Western Ghats of South India
15. Full form of GNI – Gross National Income
16. India has given kat hathe VU island too – Sri Lanka
17. Chlorine’s reaction in the cleaning process.
18. ELIZA Test – Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
19. Who appoints the Prime Minister – President
20. Which mineral is acting like a polluting agent in Hooghly river? – Arsenic
21. Indus Valley Civilisation related question –
22. Minimata Disease is caused due to the excess of – Mercury
23. “Test” and “Treat” policy was adopted for which disease – HIV
24. How many parts are there in our Constitution – 25 parts
25. Which enzyme is responsible for blood clot –  Fibrinogen
26. Delhi was announced as the capital of India in which year – 1911
27. Name the country which opened its embassy in Chennai in April 2017 –
28. Who is the author of the book ‘The People’s President: Dr. A. P J. Abdul Kalam’? – S. M. Khan

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SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quant’s

1.      In a right angled triangle ABC, right angled at B AB=5 BC=2, what will be the radius of its circumcenter?
2.      X²-5x+1=0. Find x²+1/x²
3.      Average of 5 odd numbers is 27, find the product of first and last numbers.
4.      Principle amount = 21000, Rate 2%/ year, the time period is 3  years. Calculate the Compound Interest.
5.      After 8 years principle amount becomes 7 times, in how many years will it become 19 times
6.      9 articles are sold at Rs 1. For the sake of 50% discount, how many articles must be sold in Rs 1
7.      Aman is 25% more efficient than raman. Time taken for raman to complete work is 25 days. In how many days aman can complete the total work?
8.      If the 25% of a number is 6 then 50% more than original number is = 36
9.      The average of first 29 even integers is?
10. 2Qs from DI in Table and Pie Chart form
11. Cylinder with its  radius and height mentioned and surface area was asked
12. Sphere of radius 21 was moulded into a cylinder of diameter 21/2. Find the height of cylinder.
13. ?, 5, 15, 45, 11
14. Find the area of a trapezium whose parallel sides are 26 cm and 12 cm long, and the distance between them is 18 cm.
15. There is 210% profit on the cost price of an item. If the cost price is increased by 40% keeping the selling price constant then the profit will be what percent of the selling price?
16. The ratio of two numbers is 3:5, if both the number is increased by 8 then the ratio becomes 13:19, find the sum of numbers.
17. In any triangle ABC there is a circumcentre P and an angle BPC is 30 degrees then the value of angle BAC will be?
18. Cost price of 9 articles is Rs. 1, then how many articles he sells for 1 in order to get 50% profit?
19. If there are 50 trees on a road with equal distance between them. It takes 18 seconds to travel from 13 to 34 tree, then in how much time will it take to cover all the trees?
20. If marked price is 40% of cost price then how much will be the profit percentage after applying 10% discount?

21. If the rate is increased from Rs 80 to 100. How much should one decrease to equalize the equation?

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SSC CPO Questions Asked – English

1.      Reading Comprehension – Superstitions
2.      Cloze Test –  Good Deeds and Bad Deeds
3.      Synonym – Appraisal
4.      Meaning of –
Hoarse – Sounding rough due to a sore throat
Querulous – Complaining habitually
Malevolent – Evil Minded
SSC CPO Questions Asked 3rd July 2017 (Shift 2)
SSC CPO Questions Asked (2nd Shift) – General Knowledge
1.      Question related to Attorney General of India.
2.      Which gas is emitted for Cow Dung – Methane 
3.      Which is real storage of a computer – Hard Disc
4.      Founder of Satyshodak Samaj – Jyotirao Phule
5.      Blood clotting is stopped by which protein – Heparin
6.      Normal blood pressure of body is – 80/120 mmHg
7.      Bahishkrut Bharat started by – Dr. B.R Ambedkar 
8.      Financial Emergency was declared in – 1972
9.      Khullam khula Book is written – Meena Iyer and Rishi Kapoor
10. What is the tenure of Chief election commissioner? – 6 years 
11. SAARC’s headquarter is in – Kathmandu, Nepal
12. Full form of PMGSY full form – Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
13.    Who is zinda fir from Delhi sultanate–auranga jebu.
14.    which dynasty didn’t rule the Delhi Sultanate–Ghori dynasty
15.    Sardar Sarovar dam build on which river—Narmada
16.    one question from five-year plan
17.    chief election commission of India tenure–6 yrs and 65 yrs
18.    who is chief law officer of India–attorney general 
19.    which substance uses for ripening of fruits—ethylene
Electrons were discovered by – J. Thomson


Expected SSC CPO Cut off (SI & ASI) 2017

SSC CPO Questions Asked in the Exam (1st July 2017)

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