SSC CPO Questions Asked 2nd July 2017

SSC CPO Exam Pattern
Dear students,
As you know SSC CPO Tier I exam is scheduled for 7 days from 1st July to 7th July, Here again, we bring extremely important questions which were asked in the SSC CPO exam all shift. This year SSC CPO exam having changes in their pattern as well from this year SSC CPO exam has gone online. so, it must require knowing the exam pattern here below we are shown analysis of SSC CPO exam. Also, we will discuss the questions asked in the exam of 02-July-2017.
 SSC CPO Questions Asked 2nd July 2017 (Shift 1)
SSC CPO Questions Asked – General Knowledge
1.      Who among the following are Cold-Blooded Animals?
2.      Name the 1st Governor General of India – C. Rajagopalachari 
3.      Who won the Padma Vibhushan for Arts and Music in 2017? – Yesudas
4.      The no. of times National Emergency was declared.
5.      Name the 1st Governor-General of Bengal – Warren Hastings
6.      Growth Hormones are secreted from which gland? – Thyroid Gland
7.      Question on Gadar Movement
8.      The second battle of Panipat was fought between –  Akbar and Hemu
9.      Question related to the 5-year plan.
10. Which country was to bomb on Afghanistan – United States
11. Vitamin C found in which of the following.
12. What is the minimum age a person requires in order to be a member of Rajya Sabha – 30 years
13. Match the following  (Rulers and Monuments)
14. Computer – Full form of
ALU – Arithmetic Logical Unit
GUI – Graphical User Interface
15. The Odd one out of – MS Word, MS Excel, MS Star, MS Direct.

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SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quant’s
1.      Geometry – Find the ratio of the inner circle and outer circle of an equilateral triangle.
2.      Question on finding the Perimeter of a Rhombus.
3.      The radii of the base of a cylinder and a cone is in the ratio  √3: √2 and their heights are in the ratio √2:√3, find the ratio of their volume =
4.      The sides of a triangle are 3cm, 4cm and 5cm, find the area of the triangle formed by joining the midpoints of the triangle =
5.      Area of the floor of a cubical room is 48 Find the length of the longest rod placed in the room = 12 meters 
SSC CPO Questions Asked – English
1.       Reading Comprehension – Science, and Religion
2.      Idiom and Phrases – On the brink of, Bolt of the Blue 
3.      Vocabulary/Synonym and Antonyms – Invincible, Epitome, Barbarous, Accomplish
4.      Sentence Improving
5.      Error Spotting
6.      Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks)
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SSC CPO Questions Asked 2nd July 2017 (Shift 2)

SSC CPO Questions Asked (2nd Shift) – General Knowledge

1.      Total number of Members in Rajya Sabha – 250
2.      Chicory Powder is obtained from which part of the plant? –  Root
3.      Who appoints the Chief Minister? – Governor
4.      What is the Unit of Energy is food? – Calorie
5.      The Vice President is also the ex-officio chairman of? – Rajya Sabha
6.      Name the Protein present in hair – Keratin
7.      Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine in 2016? –
8.      Which gas is contained in Fire Extinguishers? – CO2
9.      English Education was started by which Governor in India? – Lord Macaulay 
10. What is the unit of Resistance? – Ohm

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11. Who built the Sanchi Stupa? –Emperor Asoka
12. Red Indian is native to which country? – America
13. Where is High Court of Andaman and Nicobar Island located? – Kolkata
14. What is the unit of Frequency? – Hertz
15. Where will be the Winter Olympics held in 2018? – South Korea
16. No. of MoU’s signed between Cyprus and India? – 4 
17. Which of the following is a Communicable/Contagious disease?
18. Name the coolant used in Nuclear Reactors –
SSC CPO Questions Asked (2nd Shift) – Quants
1.      84 42 28 21?
2.      X^4 + 1/X^4 = 98 then X – 1/X ?
SSC CPO Questions Asked (2nd Shift) – English
1.      Reading Comprehension – Brazil’s Struggle with Poverty
2.      Idiom and Phrases – Cut in on, Draw a blank
3.      Vocabulary/Synonym and Antonyms –  Brittle, Vie, Bedlam, Embroil
4.      Error Spotting
5.      Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks) – When my mother reached home, I ___ sleeping.

Expected SSC CPO Cut off (SI & ASI) 2017

SSC CPO Questions Asked in the Exam (1st July 2017)

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