SSC CPO Asked Questions on 4th Day

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As you know SSC CPO Tier I exam is scheduled for 7 days from 1st July to 7th July, Today is 4th day, Here again, we bring extremely important questions which were asked in the SSC CPO exam all shift. This year SSC CPO exam having changes in their pattern as well from this year SSC CPO exam has gone online. so, it must require knowing the exam pattern here below we are shown analysis of SSC CPO exam. Also, we will discuss the questions asked in the exam of 04-July-2017.

SSC CPO Questions Asked 4th July 2017 (Shift 1)
1.    During hibernation frog respires through – Skin
2.    Urine gets stored in – Urinary Bladder
3.    NSDL stands for – National Securities Depository Limited
4.    What are the constituents of a nucleus? – Proton and Neutron
5.    How is a president elected?= Single transferable vote
6.    Arrange in chronological order the Chauri chaura Incident, Non-cooperation movement, and Civil disobedience movement – Non-cooperation movement > Chauri Chaura Incident > Civil disobedience movement
7.    Narmada river is originated from – Amarkantak
8.    What is Basel Convention for – Control of Transboundary Movements
9.    What is considered as the richest source of protein? –
10. Where is Great Barrier Reef situated – Australia
11. Bravery award of 2016 related question.
12. Maxwell is unit of – Magnetic Flux
13. What is the name of the Grassland of South Africa –  Savannas
14. Where is Kalahari Desert – Botswana, South Africa
15. Article 21 is related to – Right to life & Personal Liberty
16. Who abolished Jazia Tax – Akbar
17. Article 15 is related to – Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or Place of Birth  
SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quant’s
1.    (x^2)-7x+1=0 Find x+(1/x).
2.    A car moves 20% slower than a train. Both start from point A and reached point B which is 240 km away from point A in same time. The train stops at the stations for 48 minutes. Find the speed (in kmph) of the car?
3.    NOR, NOT and NANAD gates related question.
4.    14*8 =91
5.    Rs 25000 compounded annually@20% for 4 years will be?
6.    Height and distance related questions


Expected SSC CPO Cut off (SI & ASI) 2017

SSC CPO Questions Asked in the Exam (1st July 2017)

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