Previous Question paper of B.H.M DAVV

                                                         January 2015
  Bachelor of hotel management (BHM) (4 Y.D.C.) Main/repeat examination
                                                            1st Sem
                                                     Food Production
1 (I) State whether True or False:
(a)   The heat source if salamander is below the grill bars
(b)   The eggs are graded according to their weight.
(c)    When poaching eggs, vinegar is added
(d)   Scrambled eggs require fierce heat.
(e)   A rice pilaf is cooked in an oven.
(f)     The correct temperature range to store frozen vegetable is -18 to 24 c
(g)   The correct method of cookery to be used when cooking spinach is blanching
(h)   A hard-boiled egg started in hot water requires 3 min only.
(i)     A frozen fish is thawed in hot water
(j)     Ladoo is an Indian sweet.
(k)    Turnip is essential ingredients of mirepoix.
(ii)  Describe the following terms in 2-3 sentences: (any five)
            (a) A la Carte                                      (b) Au Four
            (c) Bisque                                            (d) Mayonnaise
(e) Emulsifying agent                          (f) Roe
(g) Mignonette pepper.
2. Explain the following:
            A) Pre-preparation equipment.
            B) Preparation Equipment
            C) Holding and storing equipment
3. (a) Explain the modern method of cooking with their advantage and disadvantage.
    (b) Explain briefly the factor which is associated with the attitude of shef.
4. (a) Describe the composition if the egg and also classifies the eff on the basis of their size.
    (b) Explain the word “garnish” and its importance in Indian cuisine.
5. Differentiate between
            (a) Stocks and Soups
            (b) refined flour and whole wheat flour.
            (c) Binding agent and thickening agent.
            (d) Broiling and Poeling.
            (e) Conduction and Convection.
6. (a) Explain the word pre-preparation and various activity involved in pre-preparation
     (b) Write the duties and responsibilities of chef de Nuit and chef de petite dejeuner.
7. (a) Give the recipe of the following:
            (i) Minestrone soup.
            (ii) Potage Saint Germain.

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