Most Important Biology Terminology for SSC and all Competitive exam.

Most Important Biology Terminology (part-1)

1. Anatomy: Study of an internal structure of an organism.

 2. Agrology: Soil science dealing especially with production of the crop.

 3. Agronomy: Science of soil management and production of the crop.

 4. Agrostology: Study of gross.

 5. Arthology: Study of joints.

 6. Apiculture: Rearing of honey bee for honey.

7. Anthropology: Study of origin, development, and relationship between the culture of a past and present human.

 8. Anthology: Study of flower and flowering plant.

 9. Angiology: Study of blood vascular system including arteries and veins.

10. Andrology: Study of male reproductive organ.

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11. Bryology: the study of Bryophytes.

12. Biometrics: Staticla study of the Biological problem.

13.Biomedical engineering: Production and designing of spare part of for overcoming various defects in man. E.g. Artificial limbs, Iron lung, Pacemaker etc…

14. Biotechnology: Technology concerned with living beings for willful manipulation on a molecular level.

15. Bacteriology: Study of Bacteria.

16. Cytology: a study of a cell.

17. Cryobiology: it is the study of the effect of low temperature on Organisms and their preservation.

18. Clone: Clones are genetically identical individual in the population.

19. Cardiology: Study of heart.

20. Demography: Study of the population.
21 Diffusion: random movement of molecule/ion or gases from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration.
22.Dermatology: Study of Skin.

 Dendrochronology: Counting and analyzing annual growth rings of tree to know its age.
24.Ecology: Study of inter – relationship between living and their environment.
25.Evolution: Study of origin of life, variation and formation of new species.
26.Embryology: a study of fertilization of the egg. Formation of zygote and development of the embryo.
27.Eugenics: a study of factors connected with the improvement of the human race.
     28.Euphenics: treatment of defective in heredity through genetics engineering.
     29.Ethnology: Study of science dealing with different races of human.
30.Ethology: Study of animal behavior in their natural habitats.

     31.Etiology: Study of the causative agent of disease.
32.Entomology: Study of Insects.
33.Exobiology: Study of the possibility of life in space.
34.Floriculture: Cultivation of plant for the flower.
35.Food Technology: Scientific processing, preservation, storage, and transportation of food.
36.Forensic Science: Application of science for analysis of various fact and evidence to identify the cause or the person involved in the criminal act.
37.Fishery: Catching, breeding, rearing and marketing of fishes.
38.Forestry: Development and management of the forest.
39.Fermentation: a process of incomplete oxidation that occur in microbes and other cells in absence of oxygen and transmission of heredity character from parents to their young ones.    
40.Genetics: Study of variation and transmission of heredity character from parents to their young ones.

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