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Daily Important Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2017

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        Here, Padhle India brings “Daily Vocabulary Test” for you which helps you to increase your vocabulary power which is must crack English section of SSC Exams these vocabulary’s will also help to IBPS aspirants.we will shortly provide you the Unseen passage Quiz for English section also.Stay connected with Padhle India team.

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1. Disheveled appearance
(a)              Untidy
(b)             Fierce
(c)              Foolish
(d)             Peculiar                                          
2. A baffling problem
(a)              Difficult
(b)             Simple
(c)              Puzzling
(d)             Long
3. Lenient parent
(a)              Tall
(b)             Wise
(c)              Severe
(d)             Not strict
4. Audacious attempt
(a)              Useless
(b)             Bold
(c)              Crazy
(d)             Necessary
5. Prevalent disease
     (a)              Dangerous
     (b)             Catching
     (c)              Child-hood
     (d)             Widespread
6. An ophthalmologist
     (a)              Eye doctor
     (b)             Skin doctor
     (c)              Foot doctor
     (d)             Heart doctor
7. Will supersede the old law
     (a)              Enforce
     (b)             Specify penalties for
     (c)              Take the place of
     (d)             Repeal
8. An anonymous donor
(a)              Generous
(b)             Stingy
(c)              Well-known
(d)       One whose name is not know 

Ans  1.(a), 2(c), 3(d), 4(b), 5(d), 6(a), 7(c), 8(d)

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