ibps po 21 oct 2018 Last time vocabulary recall

Dear Readers,

Here is the quick last ten vocabulary for the ibps po 21 oct 2018. which may have chance to come in the exam so without wasting time have a look.

1. Word: –Upbraid (Verb).

Hindi Translation: फटकारना

Meaning: To find fault with someone, to scold.

Memory Tip :Income tax raids to find out fault in submitted account reports.

Usage : His parents upbraided him for spending too much money at the Mall.

2. Word: –Restive (Adjective).

Hindi Translation : छटपट

lMeaning : Unable to remain silent or submissive, especially because of boredom or dissatisfaction.

Memory Tip : Unable to keep still or silent and become difficult to control, especially because of impatience, dissatisfaction or boredom.

Usage : He was extremely restive in his childhood.

3. Word: –Sangfroid (Noun).

Hindi Translation : शांत

Meaning : calmness shown in danger.

Memory Tip : Sang+ froid -> The hero with sangfroid sang a song when surrounded by goons.

Usage : With sangfroid, he accepted the challenge.

4. Word: –Denouement (Noun).

Hindi Translation : परिणाम, समाप्ति

Meaning : Climax consequence.

Memory Tip : Denouement is pronounced as Day-New-Maw -> The resolution of any day, leads to the beginning of a New Day.

Usage : The movie was nice in the beginning but its denouement was very boring.

5. Word: –Stolid (adjective).

Hindi Translation : आवेगहीन

Meaning : Unemotional, Calm.

Memory Tip : Solid hai, pighaltha nahi aur emotions bhi nahi dikhata.

6. Word: –Lurid (adjective).

Hindi Translation :बीभत्स

Meaning : Harsh Or Shocking

Memory Tip : Lewd (offensive) + Horrid (Horrible) = Shocking.

Usage : The newspaper should refrain from publishing lurid details of the murder.

7. Word: – Respite (Noun).

Hindi Translation :राहत

Meaning : A short period of rest or relief from something difficult.

Memory Tip : Respire or to het rest despite of ongoing problems.

Usage : Last night’s rainfall brought some respite to the drought affected village

8 . Word: –Surfeit (Noun).

Hindi Translation : अतिरेक

Meaning : An excessive amount of something, surplus.

Memory Tip : Surf + eit -> Sirf + eat -> When you sorf and do nothing else, you eat in excess.

Usage : When a part of the world experiences a scarcity of food, the other part enjoys a surfeit of food.

9. Word: –Poach (Verb).

Hindi Translation : शिकार  चुराना

Meaning : Hunt illegally

Memory Tip : Poachers बाघ और हाथियों की पूंछ, चमड़ी और दांतो का अवैध धंधा करते है

Usage : Over the last five years, a lot of tigers have been poached from the national parks decimating the tiger population in the country.

10 . Word: –Exhort (Verb).

Hindi Translation : प्रोत्साहित करना

Meaning : Strongly encourage some one to do something

Memory Tip : Exhort -> exert -> when you exert pressure, influence or logic on someone to do something

Usage : The Commission’s report revealed that the minister was guilty of exhorting locals to use violence against immigrants.

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