Free mock test for SSC CGL 2017 (English section) Quiz-1

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            As you know few days remaining for SSC CGL 2017 exam this is the time where you have to practice more and more and increase your speed plus accuracy. Guys who start their practice earlier and who do not start please start today. Best of luck to all of you. Always Remember

            “I can do is the only sentence which is made for the real fighter. So, be a real fighter.

Comprehension Quiz part – 1
Time:10 min
Directions (1-5): You have a brief passage with 5 questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Many of you will go out and try to get the highest paying job possible, regardless of the industry, regardless of the opportunity, regardless of the service, or product the company may provide. If you chase money, it may catch you-and if it catches you, you will forever be its slave. By letting money pursue you but never catch you, you will always be its master. By always doing what you love loving what you do, delivering more than you promise, you will always be underpaid – which is how it should always be. If you are paid more than you are worth, you may be restructured, re engineered, replaced, declared obsolete and disposed of. Overpaid people are overdrawn in their knowledge bank account. People who are underpaid for the level and quality of the service they provide are always in demand and always ahead of the money in their knowledge and contribution. So money and opportunity are always chasing them.

Q1. What does “regardless of” mean?
(a) Without guarding oneself
(b) With less respect to all
(c) Without taking into account
(d) Without regard for values
Q2. What do people look for in the highest paying job?
(a) Money and opportunities
(b) Opportunities and service benefits
(c) Nothing but a huge pay packet
(d) Power and prestige
Q3. How can one be a master of money?
(a) Working only for money
(b) Letting money pursue the individual
(c) Pursuing money and craving for more
(d) Owning many industries and estates
Q4. What is the advantage of being underpaid?
(a) Getting chances to improve one’s prospects
(b) Loving the job on hand
(c) Staying in demand and ahead of money
(d) Taking it easy and relaxing
Q5. What do overpaid people experience?
(a) Being always in demand
(b) Good knowledge bank accounts
(c) Great respect everywhere
(d) Lots of restructuring and reengineering

Directions (6-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Mark your answer in the answer sheet.

A walking tour should be gone upon …(6)… because freedom is the …(7)… because you should be able to …(8)… and go on and follow this way or that way as the freak takes you; and because you must have your own …(9)… and neither …(10)… alongside a champion walker, nor …(11)… in time with a girl. And then you must be …(12)… to all impressions and let your ….(13)… take colour from what you …(14)…. You should be as a pipe for any wind to …(15)… upon.
(a) in company
(b) alone
(c) with family
(d) never alone
(a) use
(b) cause
(c) essence
(d) relevance
(a) stop
(b) sleep
(c) dance
(d) run
(a) time
(b) chance
(c) pace
(d) will
(a) Hobble
(b) run
(c) skip
(d) trot
(a) stride
(b) mince
(c) gallop
(d) run
(a) impervious
(b) open
(c) close
(d) silent
(a) face
(b) thoughts
(c) possessions
(d) ears
(a) learn
(b) assume
(c) study
(d) see
(a) play
(b) work
(c) insist
(d) rely

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