8th June Current Affairs

Q.1. Which state government has started special pink booths for the vaccination of women?
a.     Uttar Pradesh
b.    Odisha
c.    Tamil Nadu
d.    None of these

• Bal Shramik Vidya Yojana

•New employment umbrella scheme started

•Kalanamak Rice Festival

•Manduadih Railway Station Banaras Railway Station

Q.2. Who has recently won the ‘Azerbaijan Grand Prix’ of Formula-1?
a.    Lewis Hamilton
b.    Max Verstappen
c.     Sergio Perez
d.    None of these

Q.3. Which Navy hydrographic survey ship has recently been retired after 40 years of service?
a.    INS Sandhayak
b.   INS Khanderi
c.  INS Kalvari 
d.   None of these

Q.4. Recently CBSE has partnered with whom to introduce coding, data science subjects in the curriculum?
a.   Google
b.    Amazon
c.    Microsoft
d.   None of these

Q.5. Which female sprinter from the Netherlands has set a world record by completing 10,000 meters in 29:06:82?
a.    Hannah Klein
b.    Laurie Monroe
c.    Sifan Hassan
d.    None of these

Q.6. Which country’s football player Sami Khedira has announced retirement recently?
a.   Germany
b.   Spain
c.   France
d.   None of these

Q.7. Which state government has started doorstep delivery for oxygen concentrators?
a.   Maharashtra
b.  Haryana 
c.    Odisha
d.   None of these

• Launched Mission Zero F

•Clean Bindu sagar project

•Launched a new scheme called Garima

•Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Simlipal National Park, Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary Chilika Lake

Q.8. When is World Food Safety Day celebrated?
a.   05 June
b.   06 June
c.    07 June
d.   None of these

Q.9. Recently passed away Saeed Sabri was famous?
a.    Author
b.    Singer
c.    Journalist
d.    None of these

Q.10. Which social media company has suspended the account of former US President Donald Trump for 2 years?
a.    Facebook
b.    Instagram
c.    Twitter
d.    None of these

Q.11. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission?
a.   Ravneet Singh
b.   Khushwant Singh
c.   Bala Krishna Narayana
d.   None of these

Q.12. Who has been appointed as the World Bank Education Advisor recently?
a.   Paresh B Lal
b.   TV Narendran
c.   Ranjitsinh Disale
d.   None of these

Q.13. Which state government has launched ‘Knowledge Economy Mission’?
a.   Kerala
b.  Bihar 
c.   Himachal Pradesh
d.   None of these

• One School One IAS Scheme

•Parivarthanam scheme launched for fishermen

•Theyyam festival, Thrissur pooram festival, Makaravilakku festival, Onam festival

Q.14. Who has won the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 Award?
a.   Prateek Sinha
b.   Richard Gary
c.   Thomas Vijayan
d.   None of these

Q.15. Recently the US government has banned 28 companies from which country?
a.   China
b.   Iraq
c.  France
d.   None of these

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