3rd June Current Affairs (English)

Q.1. Pakistan and the army of which country have conducted a military exercise called Sky Guardians-1?
a.   Singapore
b.   Mauritius
c.    Egypt
d.   None of these

Q.2. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Advisor to Chief Minister ‘Mamata Banerjee’ recently?
a.    Alapan Bandyopadhyay
b.   Vibhu Goyal
c.   Shashank Sethi
d.   None of these

• Maximum number of beggars

•Sundarban, Buxa National Park

•Jaldapara, Mahananda wild life Sanctuary

•Matir Smristi Yojana

•Sneher Porosh Yojana, Prochesta Yojana

Q.3. India and which country have signed an agreement for cooperation in mineral resources?
a.    Argentina
b.    Bolivia
c.    Kenya
d.    None of these

Q.4. Which state’s ‘Statehood Day’ has been celebrated on 02nd June?
a.   Jharkhand
b.  Chhattisgarh
c.   Telangana
d.   None of these

Q.5. Who has recently authored the book ‘All You Need is Josh: Stories of Courage and Conviction in 21st Century India’?
a.    Supriya Paul
b.    Tay Vaughan
c.   Christine Wormuth
d.   None of these

Q.6. The last living person of the Constituent Assembly has passed away, what is his name?
a.   Acheta shri krishna
b.   Sri Kumar Banerjee
c.   TM Kaliannan
d.   None of these

Q.7. Who has become the Chairman of ‘Digital Media Content Regulatory Council’ recently?
a.    Vikramjit Sen
b.    Vikram Sampath
c.    Vinod Kapri
d.    None of these

Q.8. Who has topped the recently released ICC Women’s T20I rankings?
a.   Smriti Mandhana
b.   Shafali Verma
c.   Beth Mooney
d.   None of these

Q.9. What has WHO named the corona variant responsible for the second wave in India?
a.    Delta
b.   Beta
c.   Kappa
d.   None of these

Q.10. Which country’s largest naval ship ‘IRIS Kharg’ has sunk recently?
a.   France
b.   Iran
c.   Iraq
d.   None of these

Q.11. The African Union has recently suspended the membership of which country?
a.    Sudan
b.    Mali
c.    Ethiopia
d.    None of these

Q.12. Who has recently taken over as the Director General of Assam Rifles?
a.    Narayan Krishna
b.    Prateek Sinha
c.     P Chandran
d.    None of these

Q.13. Which state has recently received a grant of Rs 7000 crore under the Jal Jeevan Mission?
a.    Odisha
b.    West Bengal
c.    Tamil Nadu
d.    None of these

Q.14. Which state government has recently approved to set up 30 skill development colleges?
a.    Andhra Pradesh
b.   Uttarakhand
c.   Haryana
d.   None of these

• Mobile Hand wash Facility Station

•Navaratnalu Pedalandariki Illu program

•Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme

•Nigha App, COVID Pharma

Q.15. Researchers from which IIT have discovered a new fossil?
a.   IIT Roorkee
b.   IIT Kanpur
c.  IIT Ropar
d.   None of these

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