24th June Current Affairs 2021

Q.1. Which state has recently launched Learning Management System?
a.   Kerala
b.   Tamil Nadu
c.   Karnataka
d.   None of these

Q.2. When is United Nations Public Service Day celebrated?
a.   21 June
b.   23 June
c.   22 June
d.   None of these

Q.3. Who has become the first woman pilot of IAF from Jammu and Kashmir?
a.   Pratima Sethi
b.   Mawya Sudan
c.   Dr Tadang Minu
d.   None of these

Q.4. Which country has banned LGBT content in school curriculum and television shows for children under the age of 18?
a.    Belarus
b.    Hungary
c.    Ethiopia
d.    None of these

Q.5. Who has written the recently released book ‘Habba Khatoon’?
a.   Tahira Kashyap Khurrana
b.   Kajal Suri
c.   Arvind Gaur
d.   None of these

Q.6. Who has been named as the captain of the Indian men’s hockey team?
a.   Birendra Lakra
b.   Harmanpreet Singh
c.   Manpreet Singh
d.   None of these

Q.7. ADB has approved $940 million loan to which country for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines?
a.   France
b.   Sri Lanka
c.   Bangladesh
d.   None of these

Q.8. Who has been appointed by One Plus as the brand ambassador for its Wearables category?
a.   Akshay Kumar
b.   Jasprit Bumrah
c.   Virat Kohli
d.   None of these

Q.9. The BCCI has announced a grant of how many crore rupees for the preparation of the players in the Olympics?
a.   15
b.   08
c.   10
d.   None of these

Q.10. With which country India has recently signed an agreement for cooperation in agriculture and allied sectors?
a.    Japan
b.    Canada
c.    Fiji
d.    None of these

 Q.11.Younis Khan has resigned as the batting coach of which country’s cricket team?
a.    Bangladesh
b.    Pakistan
c.    Afghanistan
d.    None of these

Q.12. Which state has recently started e-Pathsala and e-Evaluation facilities?
a.    Bihar
b.    Maharashtra
c.    Odisha
d.    None of these

• Launched Mission Zero F

•Clean Bindu sagar project

•Launched a new scheme called Garima

•Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Simlipal National Park, Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary Chilika Lake

Q.13.Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda has launched ADI PRASHIKSHAN Portal in collaboration with which organization?
a.    FAO
b.    UNDP
c.    WHO
d.    None of these

Q.14. In which city has the summit between the President of America and Russia held recently?
a.   Rome
b.   Geneva
c.   Vienna
d.   None of these

 Q.15. Where has the world’s first genetically modified rubber plant be planted?
a.   Tripura
b.   Assam
c.   Manipur
d.   None of these

• Launched Paryatan Sanjeevani Scheme

•Launched a scheme called Orunodoi

•Dhanwantari Scheme

•India’s only golden tiger sighted


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