1st june Current Affairs (English)

Q.1. Which country’s ‘Mount Nyiragongo volcano’ has exploded recently?
a.  Republic of Congo
b.   Libya
c.    Mali
d.   None of these

Q.2. Who has become the first blind Asian person to climb Mount Everest recently?
a.   Tsang Yin Hung
b.   Funzhou Zhangsu Lama
c.   Zhang Hong
d.   None of these

Q.3. Which state government has announced to distribute medicinal herb saplings to all the families?
a.    Rajasthan
b.   Uttarakhand
c.   Haryana
d.   None of these

• Appointed Swasthya Mitra

•India’s first organ donor memorial in Jaipur

•Statue of Peace in Pali

•Started Ek Paudha Suposhit Beti Ke Naam Scheme

•BSF commences Operation Sard Hawa

Q.4. Who has written his new book ‘Language of Truth: Essays 2003-2020’?
a.   Ruskin Bond
b.   Chetan Bhagat
c.    Salman Rushdie
d.   None of these

Q.5. Which country new variant of coronavirus have been detected?
a.    France
b.   Vietnam
c.   Spain
d.    None of these

 Q.6. Who has recently appointed Raymond as his chief?
a.   Harmohan Sahni
b.   Sri Kumar Banerjee
c.   Kuldeep Singh
d.   None of these

Q.7. Which state government has recently decided to give financial assistance of 5 lakhs to the dependents of journalists who died of corona?
a.    Odisha
b.    Tamil Nadu
c.    Chhattisgarh
d.    None of these

• Dai-Didi mobile clinic started

•Kaushalya Maternity Scheme

•Started Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana

•Police starts Spandan operation for depressed personnel

Q.8. When is ‘World No Tobacco Day’ celebrated?
a.   29 May
b.  30 May
c.   31 May
d.   None of these

Q.9. Who has written the book ‘1232km: The Long Journey Home’?
a.    Navotkarsh Joshi
b.    Durjoy Datta
c.    Vinod Kapri
d.    None of these

Q.10.Who has been declared as the second largest source of FDI in India recently?
a.   USA
b.   Singapore
c.   Mauritius
d.   None of these

Q.11.Reserve Bank of India has imposed a fine of Rs 10 crore on which bank?
a.   ICICI Bank  
b.   IDBI Bank
c.    HDFC Bank
d.   None of these

Q.12. Which state government has recently included disaster management in the school curriculum?
a.     Odisha
b.    Kerala.
c.    Maharashtra
d.    None of these

• Launched Mission Zero F

•Clean Bindu sagar project

•Launched a new scheme called Garima

•Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Simlipal National Park, Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary Chilika Lake

Q.13. Which medal has Mary Kom won in the recent Asian Boxing Championship?
a.   Bronze Medal
b.   Silver Medal
c.   Gold Medal
d.   None of these

 Q.14. HUL has donated 34 ventilators to which state government?
a.  Maharashtra
b.   Rajasthan
c.   Odisha
d.   None of these

Q.15. Passed away ‘B. J. Thomas’ was famous?
a.    Author
b.    Singer
c.    Journalist
d.    None of these

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