11th June Current Affairs

Q.1. Where has the 31st edition of Indo Thai CORPAT exercise started recently?
a.   Jakarta
b.   Bangkok
c.   Andaman Sea
d.   None of these

Q.2. Which is the first country in the world to give legal tender status to bitcoin?
a.   Italy
b.   El Salvador
c.   Japan
d.   None of these

Q.3. Who has recently become the second most active international goal scorer football player?
a.   Cristiano Ronaldo
b.   Sunil Chhetri
c.   Lionel Messi
d.   None of these

Q.4. Which bank has recently approved a $ 500 million assistance program to boost India’s MSME sector?
a.    ADB
b.    NDB
c.    World Bank
d.    None of these

Q.5. Which city has been named the world’s most liveable city of 2021 by EIU?
a.    Osaka
b.    Adelaide
c.    Auckland
d.    None of these

Q.6. Recently passed away ‘Lakshmi Nandan Bora’ was a famous?
a.   Singer
b.   Litterateur
c.   Journalist
d.   None of these

Q.7. Which company has launched Tech Scholars Program for Law Students?
a.   Google
b.   Microsoft
c.   Facebook
d.   None of these

Q.8. India will get three MH-60 Romeo helicopters from which country?
a.   France
b.   USA 
c.   Russia
d.   None of these

Q.9. Which state government has waived property tax for cinema houses, multiplexes and gymnasiums?
a.    Odisha
b.    Gujarat
c.    Tamil Nadu
d.    None of these

• Kisan Sunrise Scheme

•Inauguration of Girnar ropeway

•Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan

•The world’s largest zinc smelter project

•Started Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana

Q.10. Who has won the ‘U.S. ‘Women’s Open Golf Tournament’?
a.    Nasa Hataoka
b.    Yuka Saso
c.    Inbee Park
d.    None of these

Q.11. Who has recently won the prestigious Greenpreneur Award 2021?
a.   Sukhjit Singh
b.   Dr Charu Khosla
c.   Khushwant Singh
d.   None of these

Q.12. RBI has appointed Chandrashekhar Ghosh as MD & CEO of which bank?
a.    Axis Bank
b.    Bandhan Bank
c.    BOB
d.    None of these

Q.13. Which university has topped the recently released QS World University Rankings 2022?
a.   Stanford University
b.   Oxford University
c.   MIT
d.   None of these

Q.14. Interpol has launched a new global database by which name to identify missing persons through family DNA?
a.   D-Finding
b.   N-Missing
c.   I-Familia
d.   None of these

Q.15. Dehing Patkai has become the seventh ‘National Park’ of which state?
a.   Maharashtra
b.   Haryana
c.   Assam
d.   None of these

• Launched Paryatan Sanjeevani Scheme

•Launched a scheme called Orunodoi

•Dhanwantari Scheme

•India’s only golden tiger sighted

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